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Court Information – Utah District Court website and information.

Utah Code  Utah Code, Statutes and Constitution.

U.C.A. title 77   Utah Code of Criminal Procedure.

Current Cell Phone Laws

Bureau of Criminal Identification  Expungement forms and procedures. 

Family Law

U.C.A. Sec. 30-3-35   Minimum schedule for parent-time for children 5-18 years of age.

U.C.A. Sec. 30-3-35.5  Minimum schedule for parent-time for children under 5.

U.C.A. Sec. 30-3-37  Relocation.

ORS Child Support Calculator  Guideline calculator for estimating child support.


FIND LAW  Provides comprehensive legal resources.

Freedom Law  Self Help Legal Clinic and Law Library.

Internet Legal Research Group  Law and the Legal Profession Resources.  Legal News and Information Network.

Founding Documents  Information and Discussion About the Founding Documents of this Country.


Utah State Bar Association

Dumb Laws in Utah