What Criminal Defense Attorneys Do

What Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

What Everyone Else Thinks Criminal Defense Attorneys Do

We are “innocent until proven guilty.”  This certainly stands true in criminal defense.  The important thing to note is that many of our clients are innocent, and we are trying to help prove it.   Admittedly, some clients are guilty, and don’t attempt or desire to hide it.  Those client’s, however, aren’t trying to get away unscathed, they are trying to make amends and get on with their lives.  From a moral perspective, Stevens & Gailey, P.C. isn’t trying to litter the streets with criminals, but trying to get just and fair deals for our clients and not destroy their lives due to a mistake.

Why Criminal Defense Attorneys Do What They Do

Many of our clients believe cooperating with the police means they will get a better deal in the end.  It is imperative to know that sometimes people say things that will lead to their conviction or admit guilt, regardless of whether or not they are truly guilty.  Many people are intimidated into saying things that they don’t mean or aren’t true.  Often times, detectives will pretend to be your friends stating everything will be ok or easier if the individual just confess.  This is completely legal, by the way.  Other times, detectives will interrogate suspects and say what they feel is necessary to get them to admit guilt, regardless of whether or not the information they are feeding you is true.  This is also legal.

For me, from a moral perspective, we at Stevens & Gailey, P.C. are trying to help prevent confusion within the legal system.   When a client comes in and admits they are guilty, they aren’t asking our attorneys to get them off with no reprocussions; they are asking our attorneys to help them right their wrongs.  Many are aware of the reality that they will have to pay a fine, do community service, or in extreme cases, serve jail-time.  These clients, however, are very aware and have accepted the fact that this is the case, and our attorney’s don’t hide the probability of these outcomes.

The best way to defend yourself is to know your rights.  To know your rights, you have to understand the law.  The problem is that there is so much law – both federal and state –  that unless you’ve studied the law significantly, there is no way for you to truly understand it.   That is why our attorneys are here

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