Utah Divorce Mediation

Utah Divorce Mediation

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What is Divorce Mediation? 

Under the Utah law,  the parties must attend divorce mediation to resolve any contested issues. Both divorcing parties are required to attend at least 1 mediation session before the case can move forward.  A judge may waive the mediation requirement if the parties can demonstrate there is good cause to do so, however this typically ever happens in Utah.

What is Utah Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is the process of taking your case before a neutral third party who assists the parties in reaching a voluntary and mutual agreement regarding the issues in their divorce.  Mediation’s can take 2 hours and go for 8 or even more than 1 session if both parties agree to continue the mediation process. Divorce Mediation in Utah is very expensive and both parties are required to split the cost of the mediator.  Prices normal vary from $150-$300 per hour. Divorce attorney ogden utahDivorce attorney salt lake city

What do Utah Divorce Mediators do?

Since mediation is required in most divorces in Utah and can result in a settlement agreement in your case, it is essential that you go into mediation with an experienced and effective mediator along with your experienced Salt Lake City Divorce Lawyer. The more effective and more experience normally mean more they charge per hour. The Mediator provides a neutral setting for the parties to discuss the issues involved and to facilitate an agreement. Sometimes depending on the mediator parties are in the same room and sometimes they like them separate. The divorce mediation attorneys at Stevens & Gailey are familiar with many of the most qualified and able Utah mediators in Salt Lake City, Provo, Park City, Ogden and other surrounding areas. Utah divorce lawyers

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