Utah Allows No Fault Divorce

Utah Allows No Fault Divorce

Utah Allows No Fault or Fault Divorces

In most states including Utah, it is allowed to have a no fault or a Fault based dissolution of marriage. There is a fast track called no-fault in which they go fast. This is due largely to couples determining that they agree they want the marriage dissolved. Therefore, no blame is addressed or assigned on and the contention is alleviated. The nice part of a no-fault divorce is the lowered cost. Most no-fault divorces will site irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. Another choice is if the parties have been living apart for a minimum of three years with an order issued in any other state. Divorce lawyer in utah

If the parties cannot agree on this there are several other categories under fault based grounds. These include: Divorce attorney salt lake city

An inability to perform sexually. This can be during anytime in the marriage.

Affairs and Adultery

Deserting: One willfully deserts the other in excess of one year

Neglecting: One willfully neglects the other refusing to provide or work

Severe Alcohol Abuse: For more than one year

Felony Convictions

Extreme Cruelty

Incurable Insanity

Utah Allows No Fault Divorce

When meeting with your American Fork Divorce Lawyer, or your Ogden Divorce Attorney make sure you have all of your notes ready. Most couples in Utah will have a No-Fault Divorce as finding fault can include lengthy litigations. Attorneys in salt lake cityBest divorce attorney in utah

If children are involved there is another aspect to divorce that gets little to no guidance on how to handle communications in regard to children. It is important to make sure that the children are heard as well. Check out this site for some successful tips for coparentingSalt lake city attorneyLawyers in utahSalt lake city divorce

As with all instances in life, only the parties can decide what is the best route to go when opting for divorce. Try some of these communication techniques when discussing how to move forward. As always, An American Fork Divorce Attorney or Ogden Divorce Lawyer can help you decide the legal strategy for filing and moving through your divorce.

Utah Allows No Fault Divorce

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