Should I Get a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Should I Get a Criminal Defense Attorney?

We are asked this question a lot.   The answer is yes.  The reason why people may ask the question in the first place is they may not fully understand the full repercussions of what they are facing:

  1. You can go to jail on even a minor offense.

Judges can and do impose jail time for speeding. A simple speeding moving violation can land you in jail. You have to realize that a lot of what your penalty is going to be is determined by the judge. They’re given great flexibility within a wide framework. Even if you have a minor offense, the judge can send you to jail if they feel it’s necessary.

Much of the time, a great criminal defense attorney can prevent this.

  1. The law does not take into account “collateral consequences.”

An example: let’s say you love hunting. You get charged with even a minor disorderly conduct that is domestic violence related and you walk in without an attorney and plead guilty. You are now not allowed to purchase or own firearms. If you are found in possession, it is a felony and technically a federal offense that can be investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office (which does happen).

Or, let’s say you get a minor misdemeanor marijuana conviction and the court just imposes a fine. You think it’s your lucky day. Well what no one told you is that your driver license is now suspended for six months.

There’s thousands of little things like this that a good, experienced criminal defense attorney can warn you about or avert all together. Don’t leave your future to chance.

Should I Get a Criminal Defense Attorney?

  1. Things can stay on your record for the rest of your life.

Not everything can come off your record. For example, if you plead to multiple offenses at the same time, even if they are minor offenses, you may not qualify for expungement and you will be stuck with those offenses on your record for the rest of your life.

In this economy, it’s difficult enough getting and keeping a job. The last thing you need are your potential employers pulling up criminal offenses.

  1. Even a minor violation of probation can land you in jail for months.

Sometimes, prosecutors give what seems like a great deal to people that are unrepresented. But then they make the probation so strict that it’s nearly impossible to stick to. The person violates the probation, and then the judge can impose whatever punishment up to the maximum they feel like. Even on minor offenses, I’ve seen judges impose months in jail for a violation of probation. The only way to prevent something like that: have someone on your side that knows how to prevent it.

Answer to the Question.

Just as you would not be in an emergency room asking the doctor why you need a doctor, when you’re facing criminal charges, you should not be in the court room asking why you need a criminal defense attorney.  Contact and talk to one of our attorneys today, we offer free consultations, we have the experience and the desire to help you.  You will be grateful you did.

Should I Get a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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