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Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes

It is CRITICAL that you have a very experienced defense attorney on your side in ANY case that involves a sex crime. You do NOT want to handle this alone, because in addition to facing years in prison, sex crime charges can ruin your reputation, negatively impact your personal relationships and make it difficult to find a job. New laws and registration requirements can also make housing extremely difficult to find.

Sex charges can put you in jail and make you a registered sex offender for life.


  • Indecent Exposure (showing breasts or a penis)
  • Lewd Conduct (exposing your butt or “mooning”)
  • Prostitution and Solicitation (the person who pays can be charged with prostitution too)
  • Rape and Statutory Rape (remember a person under 18 cannot give consent)
  • Marital Rape (the victim was offenders spouse at the time)
  • Date Rape (the victim and the offender are in pre-existing relationship or the victim is a companion at the time of the incident)
  • Sexting (sending pictures by email or to a cell phone)


Stevens & Gailey knows through experience what needs to be done right now to start trying to help you with a sex crime charge.  The District Attorney and the Courts want you in jail to protect the public. But just because you have been charged with this crime does not mean you are guilty, and that is where an aggressive defense lawyer comes in. This is not a crime you can handle alone, so don’t wait until the last minute when you need help now.

At Stevens & Gailey you will retain dedicated and knowledgeable legal counsel ready
to fight for your rights. If you have been charged with a crime you need to act now. Criminal acts require specific actions and if the evidence does not support the mandatory elements, you can’t be convicted. It is essential that you act promptly to preserve evidence which may exonerate your charges. Don’t stand by and let your rights be washed away, don’t simply enter a plea because the prosecution says it’s the best you will do. Call Stevens & Gailey today for your initial consultation.
Stevens & Gailey represents clients in a variety of criminal cases ranging from
misdemeanors to felony. We can help with the array of criminal charges and will work for you!! We serve all of Northern and Central Utah and look forward to helping.