Criminal law

If you have been charged with a crime your rights and freedom are on the line. You are likely facing substantial fines and jail time. This is not the time to think you are able to walk in and “do it yourself.”  Don’t face the prosecutor and government without a plan for your defense. You need experienced and competent representation to avoid the implications of your charges.

Our legal system is fraught with complexities and you can’t expect to know the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. You need an attorney experienced in the law and procedure of our system.

At Stevens & Gailey you will retain dedicated and knowledgeable legal counsel ready

to fight for your rights. If you have been charged with a crime you need to act now. Criminal acts require specific actions and if the evidence does not support the mandatory elements, you can’t be convicted. It is essential that you act promptly to preserve evidence which may exonerate your charges. Don’t stand by and let your rights be washed away, don’t simply enter a plea because the prosecution says it is the best you will do. Call Stevens & Gailey today for your FREE consultation.

Stevens & Gailey represents clients in a variety of criminal cases ranging from

misdemeanors to felony. We can help with the array of criminal charges and will work for you!! We serve all of Northern and Central Utah and look forward to helping you.

CRIMES (Selected Examples)

76-5-102. Assault

76-5-106. Harassment

76-5-203. Murder

76-5-301. Kidnapping

76-5-402. Rape

76-6-102. Arson

76-6-106. Criminal mischief

76-6-108. Damage to or interruption of a communication device

76-6-202. Burglary

76-6-206. Criminal trespass

76-6-404. Theft

76-6-501. Forgery

76-9-102. Disorderly conduct

DEFENSES (Selected Examples)

76-2-302. Compulsion

76-2-303. Entrapment

76-2-304. Ignorance or mistake of fact or law

76-2-305. Mental illness

76-2-401. Justification as defense

76-2-405. Force in defense of habitation


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