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Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accidents

You have a very important job and you do it with utmost professionalism. That’s why it can be so hard to defend you against regulatory violations in aviation accident cases.

If you got involved in an aviation accident in Utah, you have the right to receive a settlement. The more you know about the law, the better equipped you are to deal with your situation. Let Stevens & Gailey, P.C. fight for justice on your behalf.

Aviation Accident Case

When an airman acts within the scope of their military duties and responsibilities, they do not owe anyone any duty whatsoever to follow specific laws or regulations.

The only exception would be if the airman acted outside their scope of authority and turned himself over to civilian authorities for prosecution.

When it comes to aviation accidents, there are a few steps for you to receive proper compensation. That’s why hiring an aviation lawyer is your best bet. Your lawyer will work with you to prove against regulatory violations pressed against you.

Anyone who owns an aircraft needs to maintain high standards when it comes to caring for it. In the event an aircraft is unsafe, its owner is responsible for paying any medical or legal bills resulting from an injury. Responsibility does not fall on the pilot in this case, thanks to vicarious liability.

Filing a Case

You don’t necessarily have to be a passenger on a plane to file an aviation lawsuit in Utah. The law states that anyone affected in the accident can file a lawsuit. Pilots and flight crew also have the right to sue the owner if injuries occur.
Through our experience and a passion for the law, you’re always in good hands when it comes to just representation in the courtroom. Your rights and justice are the priorities. To retain the best possible legal representation, make an appointment with us at Stevens & Gailey, P.C.