Legal Updates on Child Custody Laws in Utah

Legal Updates on Child Custody Laws in Utah

Child Custody Laws in Utah Have Recently Changed

The Utah legislature has changed the Utah Statutes regarding child custody laws in Utah, creating a presumption of joint legal custody. Joint legal custody means the “sharing of the rights, privileges, duties, and powers of a parent by both parents.” Utah Code Ann § 30-3-10.1.

The Child Custody Laws in Utah Will Affect Parental Rights

The recent statutory changes should positively affect legal custody for many divorced parents by ensuring that they may participate more in important decisions made for their children.  The statutory presumption of joint legal custody will help parents struggling through the divorce process since sharing decisions helps reduce the manipulation that one spouse may use over the other spouse which is often seen in sole legal custody situations.  The changed child custody laws in Utah emphasize the need to create parenting plan as part of the custody case.  Such parenting plans are required for any case involving shared joint legal and physical custody.

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