Drugs: Heroin

Heroin addiction can be damaging, physically, emotionally, and financially.  This is an introduction to heroin laws in Utah.

Heroin Laws in Utah

Heroin is listed as a Schedule I narcotic under federal drug regulations, meaning law enforcement authorities can prosecute heroin possession, sale, and trafficking. The particulars of state heroin laws can vary, however, in terms of the possible penalties. For example, a conviction for selling heroin in Utah may mean 15 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. Even just possessing heroin could result in a 5-year prison term, depending on the amount and whether a person has prior drug convictions. The table below lists Utah’s heroin statutes.

Code Section Utah Code 58-37, et. seq.: Utah Controlled Substances Act
Possession 3rd degree felony; Subsequent offense: one degree greater penalty than provided
Sale 2nd degree felony; Subsequent offense: 1st degree felony; Within 1000 ft. of school or sale to a minor: one degree higher than provided except 1st degree felony is 5 yrs. mandatory

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Drug charges, and drug addiction, should be taken seriously. If you think you or someone you know may have a drug or substance abuse problem, Utah’s Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health has resources that can help. The state’s criminal court system runs Drug Courts in Utah.  For more information or a free consultation contact one of our attorneys today.

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