Types Of Divorce

Types of Divorce

In Utah there are a Two different options when getting divorced. The two Main options are Contested and Uncontested. Below is a Summary of what may happen in a typical divorce case. Every case is different and the information provided is general in nature. Ogden criminal defense attorney

There is a 90 day waiting period from the time the divorce is filed until it will be finalized and granted in every Utah divorce.

Divorce Lawyers in Salt Lake City
Divorce Lawyers in Salt Lake City


File For Divorce

Serve the Other Spouse

Wait for 21 days if in the state 30 days if out of State

Motion for Temporary Order Hearing If applicable- In this hearing you will have things ordered that need to be temporary until the divorce is finalized or the issue is settled in court or through mediation. These include issues surrounding: living arrangements, bank accounts, assets, child visitation, child support and alimony.

Divorce Certification Class


Settlement Conference

Trial (if no Settlement)

Divorce Decree Signed


File for Divorce

Serve the Spouse

Wait the 21 days if in the State of Utah or the 30 days if outside Utah

If they are served and sign for the Divorce Petition and do not file an answer you can ask for a default judgement.

If both parties agree to the divorce documents and its contents the divorce can be granted after 90 days from the time the divorce was filed and if the parties have completed the divorce education class. ( Required if the parties have minor children) Divorce attorney ogden utah