Domestic Partnership & Common Law Marriage


The definition of a domestic partnership or common law marriage is: A relationship between two unmarried people who are living together in a committed partnership. Many of the states have decided to recognize these relationships and have allowed the couples to receive the same benefits as a normal married couple. This became extremely helpful for same sex couples that could not legally wed.

Domestic Partnership rights vary from state to state. Utah happens to be one of the states that does not recognize a domestic partnership. This can make things difficult for a couple who have been living together for many years basically as a married couple and have decided to go separate ways. How do they decide who gets what? It’s basically a divorce that courts won’t help with because the couple wasn’t legally married.

Utah Recognition of a Relationship as a Marriage

Since Utah won’t recognize domestic partnership laws it can make many things difficult for these couples. Such as obtaining benefits or adopting children, whether they’re from inside the relationship or not. Domestic partnership couples generally do receive the same rights, priviledges and benefits that married couples automatically receive and enjoy.

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