Charged with Forgery and Fraudulent ID

What does it mean to be charged with Forgery

When you are faced with a forgery charge you may be confused by what is actually happening and how it occurred. If you were charge with Forgery it is believed that you may have:

  • Presented, transferred, signed or altered any writing with someones  name other than yours.
    • Example: Cashing a check at the back or depositing a check into your account.
  • Altered the time that a document was signed or changing the date on a signed document.
    • Example: Changing the dates and times to reflect an earlier or later acquisition of a sale for a higher commission rate. Changing the date on a divorce decree to gain extra alimony.
  • Changing the documents in another way after it is signed, (adding pages in taking pages out).
    • Example: You alter the amount on a check and do not have permission on the account to do so. Take out important pieces of an inheritance document and file it with the courts. Add in specific clauses to a document with business clients holding them liable.
  • Creating documents that are not real.
    • Example: You create a document like a stock certificate, house deed, property documents, car and atv documents.
  • Presenting a fake document through presentation, transferring the forged item.
    • Example: Creating a bank check and cashing it. Stealing a check from a relative and using it to pay for car repairs by signing the bank account owners name and not your own.
  • Any document is altered or signed or using stamps, seals or using checks, bank checks, credit cards, paper money.

Further, if it is discovered that you intended or knew you were fraudulent and intended on injuring another person to get money or receive pieces of property, vehicles or otherwise and keep it or sell it. The state of Utah recognizing that injury is the loss of monetary value through items, legalities or any kind of financial damage.

In the state of Utah Forgery is considered to be a felony (third-degree) and could land you in prison for up to 5 years and you will also have to pay a hefty fine up to $5000.


What happens if you are accused of having false identification:

If you have been accused of committing false identification through production or transferring documents it is most likely true that:

  • You did so knowingly use or present it without permission from the original ID card holder.
  • You sold or transferred (gave it to someone) knowing that it was stolen or made illegally.
  • You make false ID cards and sell them, or help others create ID features on the cards such as a seal or state approved form. Bar codes, and card features such as the holographic seal are included.
  • In Utah the above mentioned action of having or producing false ID is a felony ( Second Degree) and could land you in prison for 1-15 years. There is also a substantial fine up to $10,000.

If you own a device for forgery or have forged documents it is considered a third degree felony.

  • If you know that a device is used to make documents illegally such as a printing plate or stolen identification to make templates you could be sentenced to jail up to 5 years and receive a fine up to $5000

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