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Utah Death Penalty Under Review

In February, Senate Committee approved a bill on a vote of 5 to 2 that would abolish the death penalty in Utah.  As you may know, UACDL has officially opposed the death penalty and has been seeking to end it in the state.

The bill  has now gone to the Senate and has not been heard in this hearing  The Legislative Committee will continue to work on this measure and urge legislators to end this wasteful, expensive tool and to redirect tax dollars to reducing crime and recidivism.

If you are not familiar with the Bill? Here is a link:

Many lawmakers have stood behind this bill’s amendment to include different criminal charges some of which are included in House Bill 136, sponsored by Rep. Paul Ray (R-Clearfield). This is a necessary measure that would ensure human traffickers the death pnalty when and if an individul child or adult is killed. This includes an unconditional clause where they are still held accountable even if they were not directly involved with victim who died.

These bills were not heard in this most recent legislative session, which ended March 10th. The legislators believe that  it warrants more discussion and review than time allotted for. We shall await this interesting topic, which may change the entire landscape of Capital Crimes.