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Best Criminal Defense Attorney in American Fork and Provo


Most people would never think that they would have to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in American Fork, Utah. If you are facing a crime in American Fork or a surrounding area it is wise to get advice from a professional, honest, and experienced attorney. At Stevens & Gailey, PC we have a wealth of knowledge in representing clients for a wide variety of crimes. A crime can change your life, career, family, or even strip you of your everyday life. Everyone has the right to an attorney and Stevens & Gailey, PC is the right choice. We can and will fight for you. At Stevens & Gailey, PC we will help you understand your situation and how to proceed legally.


While we can’t guarantee the outcome of your case, we can make a commitment to fight vigorously for your rights. It is our pleasure to help you during the case with knowledge, experience, and a desire to fight for justice. Vincent Stevens and HD Gailey are premier Criminal Defense Attorneys in American Fork and Ogden Utah. With years of experience they can help you through the process. Whether your case is a complex felony or a simple misdemeanor we can give you peace of mind in knowing you are represented by the most determined attorneys in Utah. We know many of the prosecutors and have a good working relationship with the courts. Our team is competent and confident in representing you in your criminal matter.


Best Criminal Defense Attorney in American Fork and Provo

What if you are falsely accused? These kinds of things can easily happen to good people who were in certain circumstances and need an advocate. Someone to be their voice and to fight for their rights. Stevens & Gailey Criminal Defense Attorney in American Fork can be that voice for you. It is a frustrating experience to say the least. No one ever anticipates having to spend hours searching online and meeting with numerous lawyers … only to find out that they are inching closer to court dates with someone they are not confident in or trust. We can guarantee that if you are represented by our team you will be in good hands. Our team is well versed in representing many crimes in Utah and is skilled in proceeding through cases with the clients’ vision and best case scenario kept in mind. Our goal is to represent you with confidence and get a fair and swift resolution.


Here is a short list of some of the most common felony and misdemeanor crimes we represent. Not all crimes fit into these categories. Call Stevens & Gailey, PC- Criminal Defense Attorney in American Fork today if you feel that your crime is unique:

We can tell you during your consultation with Stevens & Gailey, PC- Criminal Defense Attorney in American Fork if we can or have represented cases similar to yours. We are just a phone call away.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney in American Fork and Provo