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professional misconduct lawyer salt lake cityYou live in American Fork or a surrounding area and have been accused of a wrongdoing. Try to resist the urge to kick back and think you can deal with this yourself or that you can hold up until the day before you hearing to get representation. The additional time you give your lawyers the better your chance of having the case reduced or dismissed. If you had an unfortunate incident in American Fork, talk with an American Fork Criminal Defense Lawyer at our law office,Stevens & Gailey today. Give us a chance to take the weight off your shoulders. We will make the plunge and start protecting you the minute you contract us. We take each case seriously and conduct a point by point examination to guarantee each side of your defense is considered. With an office location in American Fork (76 N. Trader St. American Fork, UT 84003) we are accessible to all of Utah County from Springville, Saratoga Springs, Draper, Highland, Salem, Santaquin, Mapleton, Lehi, to Colton and Vivian Park. 

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Today’s laws appear to concentrate on character and one’s ability to do precisely what the law says and if not they will charge people based on the statutes and  most often, to the fullest extent of the law. It is essential to have a proven, dedicated and experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in American Fork Utah represent to fight for you.

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Our demonstrated and experienced Criminal Lawyers in American Fork can help you with any criminal allegations, whether you have been accused of DUI or another type of misdemeanor or felony offense. From traffic violations to drug charges, the duo team at Stevens & Gailey PC handles a wide range of crimes within the state and federal violations.

American Fork Criminal Defense Lawyer

In case you’re searching for extraordinary counsel, experienced in criminal cases in American Fork, look no further. Our Criminal Defense Lawyer in American Fork is one of the best!  If you have questions about your specific case call our Criminal Defense Attorney in our American Fork office today to discuss your case: (801) 436-5757.

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Typical Criminal Charges in American Fork

There are quite a few different cases that we have represented. Below is a list of our most common cases.

Domestic Violence

Abusive behavior at home is a crime we represent often. At the point when a couple gets to be confrontational and it gets physical, regardless of the fact that it’s simply tossing keys at a partner or pushing them out of your way, The Police and City prosecutor can accuse you of abusive behavior at home among other related charges all heaped into one case. However, Domestic violence isn’t simply couple battling it out verbally or physically, and if minors are present or included more charges could be added to your case. This is one of our strongest areas we defend as a Utah criminal attorney. Let us see what we can do for you.


Our Criminal Defense Lawyer in American Fork are well equipped with experience to defend against a wide range of drug charges including possession of marijuana, possession of street drugs, and having non-prescribed medications with an intent to distribute. Drug offenses are a large percentage of the criminal charges in Utah. A lot of times a charge like that would get you arrested and/or  detained. Our Criminal Defense attorney in American Fork are some of the most experienced in the surrounding area as well.

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In the event that you are confronting criminal accusations in American Fork, you most likely have a lot of questions in regards to the looming outcomes you are confronting; How this will affect your life and what kind of outcome you will most likely have?

When you retain an attorney from Stevens & Gailey PC, we will tackle the weight of the case and research all available approaches to help you get those charges reduced when possible and/or dismissed. Realizing that you have an accomplished and competent American Fork law office behind you in your case will ease an overwhelming stress in your life. To meet with an attorney from our American Fork law office call us at (801) 436-5757.

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At Stevens & Gailey, PC, we are committed to one objective- our client’s. We strive to move your case forward in a logical and calculated manner with your goals in mind. We communicate directly with our clients and explain each step and option along the way. Our goal is to make sure our client is able to move forward with a clear understanding of their actions and with the information needed to promote their best interests.

American Fork Criminal Defense Lawyers: Do you live in the American Fork, Saratoga Springs, Lehi, Provo, Utah County, Salt Lake City Utah area, and find yourself under criminal investigation? CONTACT US NOW!

At Stevens & Gailey you will retain dedicated and knowledgeable legal counsel ready to fight for your rights. If you have been charged with a crime you need to act now. Criminal acts require specific actions and if the evidence does not support the mandatory elements, you can’t be convicted. It is essential that you act promptly to preserve evidence which may exonerate your charges. Don’t stand by and let your rights be washed away, don’t simply enter a plea because the prosecution says it is the best you will do. Call Stevens & Gailey today for your initial consultation (801)436-5757

Stevens & Gailey represents clients in a variety of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to felony. We can help with the array of criminal charges and will work for you! We serve all of Northern and Central Utah and look forward to helping you.


American Fork Criminal Defense Lawyer