Month: April 2017

Preventing Criminal Charges

Recently KSL released an article based on Utah Drivers. By avoiding these common mistakes you can stay out of court.

Memorial Day marks the beginning of the ‘100 Deadliest Days’ for travel on Utah roadways. This means from Memorial Day to Labor Day deadly crashes nearly double compared to the rest of the year. Making summer the deadliest time to drive in Utah. With 94 percent of all deadly crashes being caused by people making bad choices – learn from the below mistakes and don’t be one of them.

Here’s the list of all-too-common mistakes and what NOT to do while driving this summer:

Text / email / tweet / post / snap … while driving

And the distracted driver thinks he/she is driving like this:


When in reality their driving looks more like this:


And in all seriousness, last year distracted drivers killed 27 people and seriously injured 147. Multi-tasking is a myth, you’re either driving or you’re texting, but you can’t do both. Don’t be the idiot on the road this summer, choose to drive focused.

Not signaling a turn

Assuming other drivers will see you and understand your intentions, is never a good game plan. Turn signals are the original instant message of driving. Use them!


Merging into a lane without bothering to see if anyone is already there, or without checking blind spots

This is especially dangerous if a motorcycle or bike happen to be in your blind spot. Always look twice before switching lanes or turning.


Pulling over and stopping on the left side of the freeway near the fast lane


Remember drivers, if you get clipped by a car going 70 mph it’s what we call a serious crash. The best place to pull over is off the freeway. But if you can’t make it that far, settle for the far right shoulder.

Getting out of a vehicle on a busy freeway


If you get hit by a car on the freeway, as a pedestrian, your chances of survival are slim to none. So if you’re stalled on a busy freeway, stay in your vehicle buckled and call 911.

Driving drunk, buzzed, high or impaired in any way


The choice to drink and then drive is selfish and deadly. Call an uber, get a cab, call a friend or sleep it off. AND make sure your friends do the same.

Paying more attention to the party in the car than what’s happening on the road


Bet you didn’t know this: The two biggest distractions on Utah roads are cell phones and passengers. So stop distracting your driver.

Driving more asleep than awake


Only a microsecond of sleep can spell disaster. If you’re tired, pull over or switch drivers.

Instead of missing the exit … you turn into a crazy person and cut everyone off


Just don’t. If you can’t safely make the exit: take deep breaths and take the next exit. Being involved in a crash isn’t worth it.

Tailgating … tailgating … tailgating!


Tailgating is bullying, no one likes a bully … don’t be a bully.



One of the key reasons so many crashes are deadly in summer is because drivers are more likely to speed. Why, you say? Well when roads are clear and dry, more drivers think “it’s okay” to disregard the speed limit. Speed limits were set for a reason.

Not wearing a seat belt


Why is this still an issue? Buckle up or don’t drive. Seat belts save lives.

Don’t choose this:


To learn more about what you can do to protect yourself and your family from a deadly crash this summer, visit Don’t let your summer memories end in tragedy. Drive smart. Drive safe. Make Zero Fatalities your goal.


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