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Metabolite DUI In Utah

Metabolite DUI In Utah

Metabolite DUI Utah- Criminally Charged Leftovers

What is a Metabolite DUI? When Driving with a Measurable Controlled Substance in Utah you can be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor. This is close to the famous DUI but it is slightly different because it is not a legal substance that is measured in your system. The unfortunate part is that you can still be serving time for even having the “metabolite” test positive in your body. These criminally chargeable leftovers are not something to be messed with. Best criminal defense lawyer

How Metabolite DUI works.


You are pulled over and the police discover through conversation that you may have smoked marijuana recently. Usually it appears similar to this: Criminal defense attorney salt lake city

Police: I see from your ID that you are from Colorado. The officer then asks if you have ingested any Marijuana or asks when the last time is that you smoked.

You say “yesterday in Colorado before I left on the trip. It helps me relax”

Off you go in handcuffs, stunned and unsure. You were not impaired and were probably only pulled over for speeding. Why are you being arrested? Salt lake dui attorney

You can be charge with a metabolite DUI just for having the substance in your body whether you are impaired or not.  They can charge you with a DUI if they feel that you are impaired.

So what if you recently visited a state where there is Legal Marijuana:

If upon verbal affirmation, it is found that the substance is in your system you can still be charged even if not impaired with a Metabolite DUI. If you smoked or ingested an illegal ( to the state) substance across state line the day before, in a state where it was legal, you can still be charged. It doesn’t mean you will be found guilty but you can be charged. Utah dui attorney

Metabolite DUI In Utah

The states near and surrounding Utah have recently passed laws that make it difficult for citizens to understand and makes it messy for the courts to control. Some have chosen to challenge based on their amendments being violated. American Fork Criminal Defense Lawyer can help you today. Dui attorney utah

How can you avoid having this happen:

Unfortunately, there is no good answer because it really depends on what drug and how it was processed in your body. In most scenarios, marijuana is one of the longest leftover offender. Other drugs that fall in this category would be cocaine, amphetamines and opiates. Ask your Criminal Defense Attorney in American Fork his opinion. Ogden dui attorney

What happens after you are charged with a crime:

A Metabolite DUI is a misdemeanor B charge in the state of Utah. The possibilities can be up to 6 months of jail and a fine of $1000.  Metabolite DUI charges are serious enough that it could carry consequences into the rest of your life. You could lose driving privileges, be on probation and will have a criminal record. If you need to speak with an attorney call an Ogden Criminal Defense Attorneytoday.

What to do :

On most occasions these occur on traffic stops, during police interrogation, on a search or arrest. There are some important constitutional laws to take into consideration. This includes areas about how the searches and seizure occurred and what rights you have during the process. It would be wise to call an Attorney in Ogden Utah Criminal Defense.

Metabolite DUI In Utah