Utah Laws May Change Regarding DUI


Utah is no exception to DUI Blood Alcohol Concentration laws. In Utah they current BAC is .08. Lawmakers are looking at a change to .05. In a Fox 13 News Story:

SALT LAKE CITY — A state lawmaker is proposing a bill that lowers Utah’s blood alcohol concentration level for a DUI from .08 to .05.

Rep. Norm Thurston, R-Provo, plans to introduce the bill in the upcoming legislative session.

“This helps send that message to people, don’t drink and drive. There is no safe level of drinking and driving,” Rep. Thurston told FOX 13 on Friday.

Rep. Thurston’s bill would make Utah the first in the nation to lower its BAC level. He said .05 DUI rates exist in countries across Europe, Africa and Asia. He also pointed out that countries like the Czech Republic and Hungary have a .00 limit for drivers.

“You don’t want people at .07 driving. You don’t want people at .05 driving. In reality,you don’t want people lower than that driving because they are starting to be impaired as low as .02 or .03,” he said.

The bill is expected to be controversial in the Utah State Legislature, despite lawmakers’ consistent support for liquor control legislation. Rep. Thurston said he was looking out for public safety and not targeting liquor.

Already, some groups have vowed to fight it. Connor Boyack, the president of the libertarian think tank Libertas Institute, posted on Twitter that his group would oppose it.


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Source: Fox 13 News NOW

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